C# DB App

2021 October 27th Written by theWhiteFox


What is a database?

A file structured for the repository of data. Organized for easy retrieval, sorting, grouping, relating to other data, used to analysis information in numerous ways.

Please find excerises here theWhiteFox csharp-db-app Github repo


Utilizing Databinding in a C# Win forms App. Data sets working with the System.Data Namespace (aka ADO.NET) Working with the Visual Studio’s IDE’s tools, windows, etc. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 makes it easily to create databases for beginners and experts. Databinding the user interface controls, retrieve and display data from a data source without requiring the programmer to worry about all the programmatic details of this process. Each user interface control has different properties that can be bound to a data source.

ADO = ActiveX Data Objects

User interface controls must be data binding “aware”, ADO.NET(System.Data) classes support data binding. • ADO.NET creates a connection to a data source (database) • ADO.NET manages the conversation (requests and responses) between your application and the database. • ADO.NET manages the data that is retrieved forum the response to the database query. • BindingSource manages the connection between the user interface controls and the underlying data set retrieved from the database. Provides an application interface to reduce learning curve for the end user. Restrict access to the database to maintain security. To control the presentation of the data. Maintain the integrity of the data.Practice ADO.NET does a lot of the grunt work, it is not necessary to know all about ADO.NET.

Write application interface • Reduce the learning curve for the end user • Restrict access to the database to maintain security • To control the presentation of the data – website, content management system • To maintain the integrity of the data

SQL Server

A high end relational database management system. SQL server 2013 Express Edition, similar power, but intended for smaller projects. In Visual Studio 2013 download the latest SQL Server Data Tools, if already not installed. C# Database application Learn by doing Create a new project and a database called PatClothesShop Add a table called customer with the data below. Go to show table data in the Server Explorer add five persons.

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